iPay Holding is the digital innovation arm of the Inteltec Group. We accelerate the growth of best of breed solutions targeted towards the ICT, Mobile Money, E-commerce, Retail and Public Sectors in the region.
There is also a division of iPay dedicated towards seeding and incubating in-house projects and majority-owned startup investments.



iPay holds a continuously growing portfolio of strategic partners and investments and continues to seed projects which will help shape the trajectories of the industries we focus on.

Digital Transformation

While maintaining its Smart Value Added Services line, iPay took lead of the digital innovation direction of the Group, partnering with and investing in disruptive global technologies to accelerate throughout the Middle East and Africa region.

A Telecom Operator Focus

Recognizing a gap in the market, iPay pivoted its value proposition and ventured into the Smart Value Added Services catering to telecom operators in the region that crave the innovation to grow. We also became one of 3 official franchisees with a footprint of 21 stores across the UAE.

E-voucher Distribution

Given changing market needs, our platform morphed into a Telecom Airtime e-voucher distribution channel in 2008.


This subsidiary was initially established to offer a prepaid card platform.


Since 1995, Inteltec has been a leading ME & GCC-based company offering turnkey services and solutions in engineering and realization of Telecom Networks and Systems, VSAT, Data Centers, Clean Energy, retail sales and distribution.

With over 3,000 employees and 4,000 facilities spread across the GCC , our major clients include Telecom Operators, Oil & Gas Companies, Banks and Public Authorities.