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We look into how Amazon customers really buy, from a survey of over 2,000 shoppers, and pick out the most important findings for sellers.

Amazon shopper survey results

Ecommerce agency Goat Consulting asked over 2,000 users about how they shop, with questions ranging from product research and brand preferences to the importance of price, reviews, images and advertising.

With the help of Will Tjernlund, Goat’s CMO and a successful Amazon seller in his own right, we’ve drawn out four of the most important findings for Amazon sellers. 

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1. Generic searches are 3x more common than brand name searches

Most Amazon shoppers start their search with a general product name or type, such as “running shoes” rather than a specific brand, such as “Nike sneakers”. 

2. How do you search for a product on Amazon

Once customers have searched for a product, most often by using generic words rather than a brand name, the most important factor in their purchasing decision is price. 

After price, other factors play into a consumer’s purchasing decision. Predictably, reviews are the next most important factor. 

What does this mean for Amazon sellers?

This is good news for private labelers and other Amazon sellers who don’t have strong brand recognition. Your lesser-known brand isn’t as big a disadvantage as you might think. It’s a relatively open field.

This means that rather than focusing marketing efforts on building up a brand, it’s likely more efficient to concentrate on other factors. Search is the preferred way to find products on Amazon, so sellers should work on improving their search performance:

  • Research the most important keywords for the products you sell, considering alternatives to the most obvious and common search requests.

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